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3 Best Ways To Get Blood Out Of A Mattress

Posted on January 6, 2023

Blood stains on a mattress can be a bit embarrassing. But have no worries! You can remove blood from a mattress using a few different methods. For the best results, check out the best ways to get blood out of a mattress.

1. Cold Water

For fresh blood, you can dissolve it with cold water. You want to apply the water with a fabric towel or paper towel. Whatever absorbent towel you are using to deliver the cold water, make sure it is white. You do not want any of the fabric dye to transfer to the mattress and leave a stain.

When you have the white towel wet with cold water, it is very important that you do not scrub the blood stain. You want to dab or blot. This means you are pressing down on the stain and lifting directly up. Keep moving the towel so you are not putting the lifted blood back on the mattress.

If you use hot water, this is likely to make the blood set. And once the blood stain is set, chances are you are going to need to call for mattress cleaning rather than be able to do the work yourself.

2. Household Chemicals

Baking soda is one of the most tried and true household cleaning products. You can dilute it with two parts cold water with every one part baking soda. (Meaning if you use a tablespoon of baking soda, use two tablespoons of water.) You want to let this soak for around half an hour.

The amount of time the baking soda and water should sit depends on how much was used, but because you will be dabbing the area dry with a rag (white). So if it is close enough to dry where this will get the job done, then you can start this mattress cleaning process.

You can mix your own group of household products like salt, cornstarch, and hydrogen peroxide, but that is going to get varying results depending on your mixture. It is more ideal to use something like a meat tenderizing seasoning/powder that can break down the protein stain (use one to two parts mixture of water).

The meat tenderizer and water mixture should come out as a paste. Rub it on the stain and let it sit and dry. This should take around an hour. Once dried, use a washcloth and cold water to wipe away the mixture. Then use a dried cloth to dab the area dry.

3. Professional Deep Cleaning

There are certain types of stains that are more difficult to clean, which means the chance that you will be able to remove them yourself is quite slim. You also have to be careful about the type of professional service you use.

For example, you do not want to use standard steam cleaning services to remove blood. The heat is not going to be ideal for this process. You want a cleaning company that offers deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is a blanket term, but it means the use of more targeted and specific cleaning processes for hard-to-remove stains.

Closing Thoughts 

If you would like to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of mattress cleaning, use Top Carpet Cleaning. We bring the same level of detail and care to remove blood from a mattress as we do to all our cleaning services.

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