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Rug Cleaning

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Irvine Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Service

Rugs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And some are beautiful ornate works of art that can’t be cleaned by just anyone. But if you keep your rugs cleaned, they’ll last even longer, so no matter how delicate yours is, you should get a professional to clean it. 

Our cleaning services can change to meet your needs. Here at Top Carpet Cleaning in Irvine, we have professionals trained in a wide array of cleaning techniques. They have all the understanding to take care of your rug without causing unnecessary damage.

Steam Rug Cleaning In Irvine

For the average rug, a steam cleaning will do just fine. This is a very effective deep-cleaning technique that eliminates soils inside the fibers. It’s much more effective than a simple vacuuming and your best option for destroying microscopic stains and other particles lurking in your rug.

Steam cleaning machines accomplish this by firing hot water and chemicals at high pressures into the rug. This water-firing process dissolves what it can and brings what it can’t dissolve to the surface to be vacuumed easily. If you need Irvine rug cleaning and your carpet can handle it, you should definitely go for steam cleaning.

Fragile Rug Cleaning In Irvine

Sometimes, the rigorous steam cleaning process isn’t great on a rug. The machinery and water pressure could be too rough, causing fibers to dislodge. Maybe your floor can’t handle that much water and ends up water damaged. Or perhaps the dyes get dissolved along with everything else, and your colors are now faded.

Don’t worry – our Irvine rug cleaning technicians can simply use powders and shampoos. These are scrubbed into the rug manually – no more rough machinery or copious amounts of water! These chemicals react with carpet soils, causing them to eventually rise to the surface and get vacuumed later.

Delicate Rug Cleaning In Irvine

Some rugs can’t handle this more delicate mode of cleaning. Sometimes, the manual scrubbing is too much for them and can also dislodge fibers and wipe away dyes. But don’t worry, because there’s still another option.

Our Irvine rug cleaning experts can move your rug off-site to a rug cleaning facility where it’ll get the attention it needs to be truly clean. Specialized rug cleaning professionals know how to fix your rug without causing any damage. Don’t rely on a less attentive service – call Top Carpet Cleaning in Irvine today to ensure your rugs are as clean as they should be.


How can I clean my rug at home by myself?

You need the right tools and rug-cleaning knowledge to understand your individual rug’s needs. You may need to steam clean it or use dry cleaning if that’s too rough.

How do I clean my large area rug?

Our Irvine rug cleaning professionals can clean your area rug for you. They’ll know the correct methods to get it clean.

Can I use a carpet cleaner on a rug?

Carpet cleaners can absolutely work on rugs. That said, not all carpet cleaners work on all carpets, much less all rugs.

Is it worth cleaning an area rug?

If you never clean your area rug, it’ll slowly fill with dust mites, skin flakes, bacteria, and other nasty things. Call us if you need rug cleaning in Irvine.

Can you power wash an area rug?

Yes, as long as the rug is durable enough to take it. Check the material it’s made out of.

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